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Madrid, Spain

We wanted to give it a touch of color to reflect the style of its owners. We chose a green that gives character when entering the apartment and that serves as a common thread in the different pieces that inhabit the house.

For us, the comfort of our clients is important and that was our main focus when carrying out this project where the bedrooms are spaces with a lot of comfort but without neglecting aesthetics.


The room was an important point for the clients, since they had a series of requirements and due to its size it presented a challenge for us. ​ 


We decided to create a versatile space where it can be used as a living room to receive guests, a TV Room to spend time with the family and a dining room or kitchen office to eat with family or friends.


This project reflects the lifestyle of a family that travels and has social commitments but places great importance on living together as a family and this became a priority for them when developing the interior design project.

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