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Madrid, Spain

The initial design involved creating a sweeping entrance, with a  curve strategically concealing several of the original apartment columns and structures.

The meticulous plaster finish in walls and ceilings gives a sense of smoothness and works in harmony with the carefully selected wood and marble. This transformed the space into a blank canvas, ideal for showcasing artworks.

The overall look is organic, soft, and with neutral tones, allowing us to accessorize with unique pieces that add color and personality. The social area consists of an open space which is the perfect setting for entertaining and hosting. The kitchen, despite being a high-traffic area, is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2206_InCasa Pinzon_0425 copy.jpg
2206_InCasa Pinzon_0630.jpg
2206_InCasa Pinzon_0475.jpg

The bedrooms area was designed with a much more intimate approach. In the center, a playroom with a terrace serves as the perfect gathering space for the family members. 


This project was a journey where we created a modern and eclectic home and as a resul all elements work in harmony and art takes center stage.

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