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Madrid, Spain

We embarked on this project with great excitement. The owners entrusted us with decorating their entire apartment, with high hopes of creating a second home in Madrid that would reflect their personality and style.

To meet the owners' expectations, we initiated various design proposals. After several exchanges, we were able to define the types of pieces and furnishings they wanted to incorporate.


We began with the living and dining area, a space that seamlessly integrates with the kitchen. This is the heart of the home, where the family gathers not only to cook and dine but also to host guests. With this in mind, we crafted a substantial unit that showcases design objects representing the owners' personalities, including a discreetly concealed bar.

1966_Incasa Lagasca 017_edited.jpg
1966_Incasa Lagasca 007.jpg

Both the lounge and dining areas are seamlessly interconnected, enabling everyone to share a unified space when hosting guests.

When it came to the bedrooms, our aim was to create comfortable spaces adorned in neutral tones, while infusing a modern touch."

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